Kunst Direkt 2014 – Rhinehessen presents (part 1)


How great that once again Mainz was host to THE marketplace for art from Rhineland-Palatinate at the Rhinegold Hall.
The art exhibit ion “Kunst Direkt” took place from the 4th to 6th of July and once more attracted many visitors – despite the world championships in soccer and summerly temperatures!

For obvious reasons my special interest was directed towards artists from the region Rhinehessen – of which there were plenty.

Today I would like to introduce you to the “first round”.
Due to high quantity as well as quality I decided to divide up my impressions and present them to you in three parts.
“Art in nibbles”, so to speak.

One more word about the structure … to stay fair the presentation will ensue in alphabetical order 🙂

Anna Bludau-Hary

Quote: “Artistically I prefer to work on-topic and make use of the subtlety of the material that is paper,
its transparency and purity, as well as the ostensible ephemerality of my objects 
and installations to give food for thought in regards to social and societal circumstances.”  

Jörg Böhme

Quote: “During the phase of creation my works consist of miscellaneous forms and materials. […]
It is traces and hints that show me the way to one unity – the unforeseen supports the vibrations of the fragile. […]
If I work something out of the material, I expect answers … I let the aspiration grow in me.

Frank Carlguth

At the Kunst Direkt he presents his “New World”.
The themes, children, naturalness, transparency, and divinity, are closely interwoven with each other.
With his surreal appearing painting technique he creates works that develop around the world of the lost souls, here represented by the children.
The paintings convince with a sense of urgency, introspection, melancholy, and an intensive directness underlined by the nudity without seeming – to me at least – depressive to the beholder.

Christian Felder

Committed to the art of the Old Masters he powerfully transports the personality into the portrait and sculpture.
His works persuade with the intensity of his artistic validity.
Willy Brandt’s Kniefall fascinated me especially!

Monika Geisbüsch

Her style can be best described as representational and figurative.
The focus on the essentials in every-day seeming situations is what makes her paintings fascinating.
Painting is a way of making the essential visible – but to understand the message hidden beneath it often requires a second glimpse.

Dean Hills

Quote: “I create my art attractive enough at first sight to evoke enough trust in the beholder to take his time to also explore the not so apparent. […] Through my work I am currently pursuing topics such as our obsession with romantic and spiritual love, our quest for wholeness and human affinity, our fear of death, and our longing for “adulthood” and what we have to lose for it in return!

Harun Kloppe

Quote: “Through my art I shape myself.
The utilisation of a rather modern material such as acrylic glass does not belie the timelessness of its creation of form, light, and colour.
Depending on the viewpoint of the beholder the sculptures seem to shine from the inside and differ in the effect of their colour and forms.
Supported by the formal plainness of the objects your attention is directed to the essentials: The light and its metamorphosis into colour.

This was the first part …

… curious about the second one yet?
I am just going to spoil this much: Besides other things, it will evolve around the material clay in various shapes, pastel paintings, and “nude women”.