Photography, wine and travel
 my passions

When do you forget time and space and immerse yourself completely in the moment?

For me, this happens when I pick up my camera!

I forget everything around me and capture the moment by photographically implementing my own impressions and moods.

The results are “normal”, that is realistic, but also very abstract photographs.

But they all have something in common – it’s about wine and travel 😍!

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” The fact that a technically flawed photograph (in the conventional sense) can be more emotionally effective than a technically flawless image will come as a shock to those naïve enough to believe that technical perfection is the true value of a photograph. “
– Andreas Feininger – 
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Simply drive off!

You yourself know what you need to make your next trip a successful time out.

My individual tips and experiences will help you to get inspired for your personal experience package.

This way you can enjoy your next tour to the fullest – from the equipment to the insider tip worth seeing.

You are missing a reliable source?!

Planning tours can turn out to be a real time-eater: Books or blog articles are outdated or the recommended travel accessories are long out of stock. You sit in front of the screen for hours looking for great stops for your tour or flipping through guidebooks for your route planning, only to find out on site that opening hours have changed or the restaurant has a new – bad – tenant…!

Is this how you imagined your time out? Surely not!

My suggestions are updated regularly and you have constant access to the obtained content. In addition, I will regularly introduce you to new product ideas for optimal equipment in the blog.

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A matter of the heart for me

I have been a regular supporter of Cargo Human Care for many years.

CHC is a non-profit organization founded by two Lufthansa Cargo pilots over 10 years ago. Many volunteers contribute here in Germany and also in Kenya to give over 100 orphans a future through education and training. But also more than 50 German doctors are engaged to help people to get access to health care.

For many years I have done my part to ensure that the calendar can go to press on time – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Learn more about CHC here.