Nahe + Vineyard BBQ = PIRI + Vinventure


Vinventure Weinprobe mit Barbecue, Piri Wein

An equation without unknowns 🤣 • Advertising unpaid •

Finally, once again an event in the vineyard!

After all the months that have passed – VinVenture’s first live wine event of the year! You could feel the joy and great relief among the participants. We can meet in person again, exchange ideas with the winemaker and all this in a super relaxed and familiar atmosphere. Finally!

… and the best … if you are interested in the wines of Vinventure or especially PIRI wine and just want to try them – you get 10% discount on your order via this link!

On your marks – get set – PIRI Winery on the Nahe

On early Thursday evening, all the participants gradually arrive in the cosy courtyard of Philipp’s parents’ winery Weinheimer Hof in Rümmelsheim on the Nahe. A wonderfully colourful crowd has gathered here.
From very small (piggyback in the rucksack) to experienced wine connoisseurs, and not only bipeds are looking forward to the upcoming little excursion into the vineyard.

After a brief welcome and the official “starting signal”, we all set off – off we go into the vineyards.

Exploring the vineyards

The first stop is right on the edge of the village at a vineyard with rain vines that his father planted a few years ago. Philipp explains what the PIWI grape varieties are all about and how you can see, even here in a small space, how differently the water supply can express itself in a vineyard. A small slope – at the bottom the vines are much bushier than and “at the top”.

What was it again about the ripeness of the grapes?

At the next stop we will learn about the different degrees of ripeness – physiological and aromatic ripeness of the grapes and what this means for the time of harvest. And yes – the weather this year means that the harvest can probably start two weeks later than in recent years.

Riesling loves “Steinköpfchen”

We now head steadily uphill through the “Steinköpfchen” – the premium site for Rieslings here in the area. Parts of the site used to belong to a gravel pit, so it is not surprising that the soil is very poor. This suits the Riesling perfectly. In these sites, the Riesling likes to come up with a concise acidity, so that it can be developed in very versatile ways – including residually sweet variants.

BBQ meets Wine

We made it, and really deserved our refreshment of wine and super tasty food! Natascha & Andreas (the two managing directors of VinVenture) give their all at the barbecue in the warm evening sun.

There is something for everyone and, freshly fortified, Philipp introduces us to the first wine. We taste a wonderful cross-section of the wine list, which includes special bottlings for VinVenture as well as the two siblings’ own wines.


After a brief detour into the world of finance, Philipp returned to his parents’ vineyard.

PIRI Wine is a joint project with his sister Christine. Each is allowed to live out his or her strengths individually in the vineyard, sales and in the cellar. They understand wine as a natural product, ferment spontaneously with natural yeasts and give the wines time for yeast storage. And we can discover this in an exciting and varied way during our little wine journey with them. 😊

From dry to off-dry, from a relaxed after-work wine to a sophisticated connoisseur’s wine, from white to Blanc de Noir – it’s all there.

Sunset with panoramic view

While the children go exploring in the vineyard, new groups keep coming together. Each talks to each other, exchanges information about the wine and Philipp moves from table to table with a small selection for tasting.

The whole winemaking family and the VinVenture team are in the middle of it all, open to questions and everyone is having lively discussions across the tables. At the end of the evening, even the lucky fairy “flies in” and one participant can soon try out her freshly won barbecue with friends and family – in combination with a few delicious PIRI wines, of course 😍

Before we know it, the sun is already starting to set and I slowly make my way back through the vineyards. What a wonderful evening!

I have already mentioned the host, VinVenture, a certain number of times and of course I don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer. 

VinVenture? Who or what is it?

Which now, wine or adventure? Both, hence the name!

VinVenture is a new type of “wine-winemaker-community” that was founded in spring 2020.

For wine enthusiasts, it offers many exciting opportunities to discover new wines & winemakers collectively and benefit from exclusive offers. 

But completely new perspectives also open up for the winemakers, as VinVenture has set itself the goal of being the first talent factory for young winemakers in Germany! An expert council actively supports the next generation of winemakers.

Wines and stories from the world of wine are there to be discovered – and now finally not just online, but in real life too. 👍

In some pictures you can see video & photographers – the community is actively informed – even if of course not everyone can always be on site at the events. This event was also streamed live from the vineyard to the club members’ homes.

A little hint on how the invitation came about:
I know Natascha from Vinissima (a women-and-wine network) and she simply asked me if I would like to drop by and write something about the event. That’s how it happened – hence the note above – advertising unpaid – but deliciously invited 😋

My personal conclusion:

  • Great event that was a lot of fun for me
  • Discovered a new winery and tasted great wines 
  • At an event like this, everyone can easily get into contact with each other.
  • I found the walk very interesting, because I had not been to Rümmelsheim before and was able to gain an impression of the wine region. 
  • Was I the only one who was already looking forward to a tasting sip during the tour through the vineyard? 🙃
  • An excursion to the „Strausswirtschaft” of the Weinheimer Hof is on the next “excursion list” to the Nahe (when it will finally all be possible again).
  • As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that I missed tasting any of the Pinot Noir that Philipp had raved about …

Updated 01 November 2021:

Vinventure just started an Affiliate Program, that I am happy to work with.
This offers you the possibility to safe 10% on your next order and I can get a little bonus. Win-Win would I say 😄
Just make sure to use your browser translation, as the shop presently only runs in German – but I would say – wine is a universal language!