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Embark on a journey into the artistic world of MRKphotography, where each creation celebrates my profound passion for intentional camera movement (ICM) photography. Immerse yourself in this distinct form of artistic expression – where every image is a dance of light and movement, interpreting the special in the ordinary.
My ICM creations, thoughtfully curated into three distinct editions, grace exhibitions and are available to adorn your living spaces, offices, restaurants, or wineries.
  • Abstract Edition: Immerse yourself in the allure of more abstract motives presented in striking black & white and reduced color schemes. This edition is a testament to the subtle beauty found in intentional camera movement, where the essence of the subject is distilled into captivating monochromatic and muted tones.

  • Contemporary Edition: Explore the visual richness of this edition, featuring photos in vibrant or more subtle color schemes. This collection captures a diverse array of subjects, providing a visually dynamic experience that reflects the vivid moments frozen through intentional camera movement.

  • Contrast Edition: Delve into the visual impact of black and white photography with this edition. Offering a striking contrast, these images are more visual than abstract, showcasing the power of intentional camera movement to emphasize the interplay of light and shadows, creating captivating compositions that resonate in monochrome brilliance.

While my focus is on the mesmerizing world of ICM, I still appreciate the diverse universe of wines – their tastes, stories, and pioneers. If you’re intrigued, learn more through my seminars or get in touch for possible cooperations.

Here’s to the mesmerizing art of intentional camera movement, wine and travels! 📷✨