Trends at Ambiente show 2017 – in 360 degrees


As every year, the latest trends for 2017 were presented at Ambiente on the theme of product design and favourites for the coming season.
Normally, I like to look at things up close – but this time I would like to offer you – in the truest sense of the word – a panoramic view.

So my Panono 360-degree camera accompanied me to Ambiente and we would like to present the current trends that the style agency bora.herke.palmisano has skilfully staged as always!

Trend 2017: Honest Materials

I felt really comfortable in this presentation.
Muted and friendly colours, timeless design, natural materials, high-quality workmanship – these products have the potential to become real favourites that can accompany us for years.

The materials:
clay, enamel, cast iron, linen and wood

The colours of the “Honest Materials” trend: various wood tones in brown and grey, with berry as counterpoint

Trend 2017: Jumbled Pattern

Here is the eye-catcher among the trends!
An unusual combination of the most diverse patterns and motifs, which can be “mixed and matched” in creative and almost childlike innocence.
For selected individual pieces that immediately catch the eye, you’ve come to the right place!

The materials:
everything is mixed and the joy of experimenting knows no limits ­čÖé

The colours of the “Jumbled Pattern” trend: strong colour selection, with frapp├ę and cappuccino as quiet spots

Trend 2017: Delicate Structures

In this trend world everything seems light, airy and filigree. Naturalness is the top priority here.

The materials:
elaborate surface finishes and 3-D printing bring the experience of nature within reach

The colours of the trend “Delicate Structure”: As a dark note the Fudge, harmonizes wonderfully with the pastel shades

Trend 2017: Notable Shapes

The forms determine the perception, in their clear, forceful and classical expressions.
Striking combinations give the room a powerful and at the same time elegant expressiveness.

The materials:
dark precious woods, leather, velvet, marble and metal optics

The colours for the trend “Notable Shapes: darker shades, so that in combination with the hard white they are rich in contrast

My conclusion on the trends…

… I always find it incredibly appealing and inspiring to stroll through the trend worlds and let the product presentations have an effect on me.

Some trends are completely new, others already look familiar, like the photo pillow in the “Jumbled Pattern” world.
These natural motifs on cushions have been with us for a few seasons now.
But the good thing about it is that a trend does not have to be short-lived and to follow the trends, it does not require a “general overhaul” of your own 4 walls.
(which most of us wouldn’t do anyway… ­čśë )
So here and there a deliberate accent set and already we are all “trendsetters” ­čÖé

Have fun trying and combining with the new trends 2017, which you can now experience again at any time through 360 degree photography.

What were your favourites?

For me it was the fluffy, fluffy pastel blanket in the “Delciate Structure” trend world – I would have loved to pack it up and snuggle up on my sofa with it!