Rhineland Palatine Exhibition 2017 – Wine meets photography & barbecue


Also this year I wanted to visit the Rhineland-Palatinate exhibition at least for a short visit, because unfortunately the schedule and the preparations for the Vinocamp Rheinhessen didn’t allow me to do more …

From the media I had learned some points that had aroused my interest.

  • an own hall on the topic of barbecue
  • the World-Press-Photo Tour has stopped
  • of course the Regiowine

Right from the start, I noticed very positively, the changed structure of the hall layout. There were again several individual halls, but they offered several possibilities to go outside to change the hall and the area of interest.
From the exhibitors’ point of view, if I now start from my own point of view, this naturally means that the “automatic passing by” is no longer necessary. Theme worlds that don’t interest me ad hoc – I didn’t even go into these halls in the first place.
From the exhibitors’ perspective, if I now take myself as a reference point, the “automatic passing by” is of course no longer the case. Theme worlds that don’t interest me ad hoc – I didn’t even go into these halls in the first place.
On the other hand – i.e. on the visitor side – I find this system very pleasant, since I only visited the theme worlds that interested me and did not have to “go through” everything.

Coming from the main entrance, I walked once across the area in order to look around in the “grill hall”.

The offer was really comprehensive and, according to Mr. Heeb from Grillforum Valentin, they were also very well received by the visitors.

I was particularly pleased when I spontaneously met Christiane von Meingemachtes Manufaktur from Lörzweiler.
Her dips and Chtuneys are so delicious! She even spontaneously gave me two glasses for the cheese session at the Vinocamp Rheinhessen – but more about that elsewhere – a big thank you 😉

The World-Press-Photo exhibition was very impressive, whereby of course the topics were very current and therefore the pictures got under your skin. A contrast to a “cosy” consumer fair – but the quality of the photos naturally contributed to the intense experience!

I finished off in the Regiowein-Hall, which this year had extra long opening hours on Friday evening.
From what I have heard, this was apparently well received by the visitors.
I found the design with the vine rows and the information area appealing – this made the stand arrangement pleasantly more relaxed.

With my homebase in Rheinhessen, I have primarily visited the rhinehessian winegrowers – and would like to introduce three wines that are good to accompany barbecues. The selection was random – who of you knows these wines and wineries?
I am looking forward to your comments!

A classic red from the Boller-Klonek winery in Stadecken-Elsheim, which has undergone biological acid degradation. The special feature – the winery attaches great importance to its vegan wine selection – which of course fits the Regent perfectly.

Colour: strong dark red
Nose: wild berries
Mouth: Light tannins & subtle tannins, adequate reverberation, fruit aroma is confirmed and pleasantly integrated

A strong white wine from the Eller Winery, from Dittelsheim-Hessloch in Rheinhessen, typically shows that the outdated rule – red wine with dark meat does not always apply. Colour: Yellow tone

Nose: typical rose scent & light barrique note
Mouth: full-bodied Gewürztraminer with typical grape varietal flavours that are not covered by the barrique.
The harmony is enhanced by the fact that this wine was the third wine to be aged in the wooden barrels.

And because it’s so enjoyable, to finish off, a full-bodied white wine – from the Hagmaier Winery from the Zellertal in Rheinhessen – a Pinot Gris, classically fermented and reductively vinified.

Colour: classic yellow tones
Nose: light citrus aroma, pineapple & a delicate mirabell note
Mouth: full aroma with round taste of yellow fruits, harmonious

Surely I could have found delicious barbecue companions at many more stands – but that would go beyond the scope of this blog post 😉
The main thing is that I made you curious!

Conclusion – as always, a visit to the Rhineland-Palatinate exhibition is worthwhile – I’m already eager to find out, what’s new to discover next year!